You Can Change a Girl’s Life

The Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES) is a Canadian NGO with headquarters in Surrey.

The Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES) is a Canadian NGO with headquarters in Surrey.
It was founded in the early ‘80’s by Lorrie Williams, a BC teacher. Today, she remains on the Board along with at least 9 other past teachers three of whom were administrators. Currently, CHES offers a secondary education to 562 girls in Kenya and Tanzania; girls who show academic promise but who, for financial reasons, would not otherwise be able to attend secondary school.
With a secondary education and the option for many to continue on to post-secondary studies, the world of the future expands dramatically for these young women. Countless CHES “grads” are now teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, civil servants and community leaders. Their family size is limited and their children are growing up to be well nourished and well educated. The UN recently declared that the single most important way to enable a third world country to make progress is to educate the women. CHES is doing just that.

There is a problem though. The large group of sponsors that signed up many years ago to support these girls is no longer as large as it was. Time is taking its toll. New sponsors are required to pay the $600/year – hopefully for the four years of secondary school. A sponsorship covers not just school fees, but all other costs including boarding fees, uniforms, texts, stationary, transport and any necessary medical costs. A tax receipt is issued for all donations. Revenue Canada notes CHES spends only 2% of its income on “Administration”; no directors here or overseas receive a salary.
Sponsors need not be a single person. Many girls are sponsored by two or three friends or by bridge, church, school or reading groups.
For more information, to sponsor a girl or to make a donation to CHES, visit or contact our office at 102B – 9030 King George Blvd at 778 565 5261

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