BCRPVPA Student Scholarships – Applications are Open

The B.C. Retired Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association have a scholarship opportunity for students with an approaching deadline of March 31st.
At the moment the bcrpvpa.ca website is being updated, and students will be able to apply online once this revised website is operational – commencing late February.
You are encouraged to check back in late February / early March, for the updated website at bcrpvpa.ca We look forward to reviewing this year’s applications.

Scholarships 2022
Brooklynn ($1000 student scholarship recipient 2022)

Haling from a smaller community on the Island, this student has maintained a high academic standard. She has won every Regional Science Fair since Kindergarten and her original research and experiments on genome engineering won her a bronze medal in the Canada-Wide Science Fair. She has also participated widely in both school and community events.
She has participated in Volleyball and Soccer, has mentored other students, and has been a continuous member of Student Council.
She has volunteered at a Vet’s Practice and at a Pharmacy; at the library, at the Community Centre, and as a Junior Fire Fighter with the Fire Department. She has also held down a paid job with a local eatery.

According to her Principal, “Brooklynn displays a maturity beyond that of her peers” and is “committed to her pursuit of knowledge”. “She has been able to network within her field of study while attending the SHAD UBC program. As a result, her strengths go beyond purely academic to include excellent communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.”

She aims to become a Medical Doctor and has commenced her studies at UBC.

Troy ($1000 student scholarship recipient 2022)

From being afraid to speak in front of others, Troy’s involvement in Volunteerism, in Cadets, in Music, and in History, have “shaped him into a confident, diligent, and passionate leader.”
He has volunteered extensively with the homeless on the Downtown Eastside and with the Greater Vancouver Foodbank. Having been a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force Cadet Program for several years, he has used his musical skills to great effect and has honed his leadership talents.
His passion for history led to his being chosen to attend a two-week long immersive journey to the War. Memorials in France and Belgium. This experience led to his involvement in publishing podcasts and articles to commemorate Canadian soldiers.

His Business teacher has said, “I have full confidence that Troy will utilize his knowledge, creativity, and passion to excel in his post-secondary studies, and is exactly the kind of student your program hopes to reward.”
We are in full agreement with this assessment and wish him well in his studies at SFU.

Geoffrey ($1000 student scholarship recipient 2022)

Supporting others has been one of Geoffrey’s goals. Through his involvement in team and individual sports, he has certainly fulfilled this aim.

As a leading executive and social manager for the school’s Health Club, he has made a positive difference in the life of others. In addition to coaching, this included designing posters, taking photographs, and interacting with students and parents.
As the founder of a program to welcome new students, he has further cemented this role.

His involvement with others extended to academics where, as a student in the IB (International Baccalaureate) course of studies, he mentored other students and become the “IB Director”.
His IB Counsellor and IB Math teacher commented that “Geoffrey has impressed me with his willingness to learn and articulate through the difficult concepts of the course. He continues to display a positive attitude, commitment, and diligence in everything he does.”

Geoffrey looks forward to helping others and making a positive impact on resolving some of the problems caused by Climate Change through his studies in Applied Science at UBC where his focus will be on renewable energy.

Daniel ($1000 student scholarship recipient 2022)

In his senior year, Daniel was busy working on Grad Council as Co-President, a position for which a vote was taken by his fellow students. He did this while maintaining an ‘A’ average.

The sponsor teacher of that group is also his English teacher and commented that “He always contributes to our discussions in an intelligent and well-spoken manner and with an incredible sense of humour that always makes everyone around him feel at ease.”

ERIC ($1000 student scholarship recipient 2022)

Eric has made the most of his school years. While maintaining an A average in the IB program, he was chosen by his teachers to be one of the 40/1100 students to be part of the Students Offering Affirmation and Reassurance (SOAR) program. Through this he has been involved in designing and delivering lessons to younger students.

Eric has found time to be a key member of the Tech-E-squad where he supported students through online learning. In addition. He was the leader of the Mathematics Competition Club which organized over 150 students to participate in contests each year, contests in which Eric himself successfully participated.

Eric has excelled in Music and Art, having used both fields in his dealings with others, including those in long-term care.

The School Principal said of him, “Eric is an exceptional, incredibly well-rounded young man. He has been an excellent role model for younger students. He is responsible, dependable, hardworking, and passionate about helping others.”

Eric has chosen to study Software Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan

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