Past President’s Report, Ted St. Pierre

Newsletter editor: it’s a lot of fun being Editor of our newsletter.  Hey, I’m honest.   Please continue to send articles to     

Newsletter editor: it’s a lot of fun being Editor of our newsletter. Hey, I’m honest. Please continue to send articles to

The next deadline for articles is :
Wednesday, April 5th, one week after
the next General Meeting, Wednesday March 29th

BCRPVPA new website: after 8 years, we have (finally) updated our website. The new website is based on 52 members’ feedback, suggestions which were submitted since late 2020.
The new website will be available by March 1st, 2023.

Some highlights of the new website:
Last year we had 50+ grade 12 students apply for our $1000 scholarships. Applications had to be sent by mail. Starting this year, students can apply directly online on the website. No need to mail applications.

In previous years, new members to our Association had to apply by mail. Applications to join BCRPVPA starting this year 2023 can be done online as well.

Please check the new website starting March 1st, 2023, for an exciting new format for giving our current and prospective future members, a current overview of our Association.