Frequently Asked Questions

Submit your application online and we’ll get back to you, by email, with your membership information.

No, once you join the BCRPVPA, the Pension Corporation automatically deducts the membership fee from your pension in June of each year. You do not need to do anything further.

 (Two possible reasons)

  1. Your email address is no longer accurate. Send your new email to info@bcrpvpa.ca or,
  2. Your email capacity is full, and you do not have room for new email. If you have a Shaw email account, patrons only have room for 1000 MB. Look in the bottom left corner of your email screen and it should indicate the percentage of your inbox that is used.

a) Delete your inbox messages, your sent messages, and the junk on a regular basis.

b) Go into Trash, found on the left side of your screen under the words Draft and Junk.

c) Click on the small down arrow beside the word Trash.

d) Click on Empty Trash. Until you empty your trash, the messages are not deleted from your account, and you will not have room in your inbox for new email.

No, as you voluntarily belong to the BCRPVPA, and it is not considered a necessary condition of employment. It will not appear on your T4A.

“The cost of maintaining membership in voluntary associations, even if related to one’s trade or profession, is not deductible.” CRA website

Yes, you can as it is considered a necessary part of employment. Presently the annual fee is $80 due by May 31st of each year. Find out more at: how to maintain your certification. You will receive an emailed tax receipt for payment.

Yes, you can if you have had continuous medical and dental coverage and have not allowed it to lapse. If you have been under your spouse’s coverage that counts as continuous coverage. You can be on one plan for extended health and a different one for dental, but you must have had continuous coverage.

Once you sign on you have 30 days to change your mind or wait 365 days to change plans. Presently our group coverage choices are Green Shield or Johnson Prestige.


Email info@bcrpvpa.ca and our president will give you access. Yammer is a closed discussion forum where current and important topics are shared.