Summary of Speakers’ Presentation 2022-2023 General Meetings

In 2022-2023, the speakers at General Meetings were: (thanks to Christine Johnson)

  1. Jack McNeill, the director of Human Works, an organization which focuses on meeting the mental health needs of members highlighting the needs of our working and personal lives.

You may have heard about this organization as they are under contract with BCPVPA to support our working administrators,

  • Lisa Hansen from Johnson Ltd. Lisa and her business partner, Mark, addressed the Prestige Program and any changes with particular emphasis on the Travel Insurance program. A lively Q & A session followed. Many people are interested in travel.
  • Sue Lantz from Toronto spoke to us via Zoom. Sue is an expert in the field of aging in place. The talk was called Aging Your Way and was of great interest to our membership. This presentation was not recorded. Learn more about her work and the guide (Options Open) at
  • The Speaker at the May 17 AGM was Patti Lefkos, a member and author. Her first travel adventure book was Nepal, One Day at A time, written when she was 73. Her new book is Grounded by Granite and today she will address topics, including the importance of the extended family, arising from cabin-living.