Past President’s Report, Ted St. Pierre

Thank you to the 2022-2023 Executive:
We pay tribute to this year’s Executive members who once again, have dedicated their time not only to individual and family matters, but keeping our Members current with valuable BCRPVPA issues.

1) PRESIDENT: Christine Johnson, after 3 years in this role, 1) has received all contacts with the info email address; 2) formed part of the Scholarship Committee; 3) edited newsletter articles; 4) took the notes of all meetings; 5) inviting the 4 guest speakers; 6) encouraging newly retired Principals & Vice- Principals at 3 Chapter Council events, to join our Association; 7) member of Website Committee; 8) distribution of all minutes of General Meetings.

2) PAST PRESIDENT: Ted St. Pierre, after 3 years in this role, 1) has worked monthly with the website designer to update the website; 2) editor of the newsletter Chronicles & Capers; 3) coordinator of Website Committee;
4) attendance at the Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Chapter Council.

3) TREASURER: Lanny Young, after 7 years in this role, has had associations with the BCPVPA Accountant & Assistant to provide very detailed monthly financial updates at the Executive & General Meetings. This ensured all submitted receipts were paid.

• Jeff Larcombe has spent many years 1) as coordinator of the Scholarship Committee. 2) Receiving all student applications; 3) Coordinating meetings to choose successful student applications; 4) Complimenting successful applicants; 5) Thanking all unsuccessful students for their interest in the BCRPVPA Scholarship program; 6) Lastly, member of the Website Committee.

• Marsha Arnold has been the strong liaison with 1) the Benefits, Affinity & Pensions that are available to all BCRPVPA Members; 2) author of the Yammer Updates from all Network at BCRPVPA Members; 3) member of Website Committee; 4) has sent out all Member Updates and Newsletters.

• Deborah Luporini has taken on the role of Membership which involves
1) contact with BCPVPA Member personnel; 2) updating contact information of our members; 3) welcoming new members to the Association.

• Paul Taylor has spent several years as a very active member of the Scholarship Committee and member of the Website Committee.

• Yolande Martinello and Ian Kent joined the Executive this year and have been instrumental as members of the Scholarship Committee.