Role of Past Executive Member:

The following current Executive Member is thanked for his years of contribution to the BCRPVP Association:

Role of Past Executive Member: Paul Taylor

  • Paul Taylor

I enjoyed my three years on the executive as a member at large. In addition to the core work I did as a member of the scholarship committee, I collaborated on producing a membership survey on our association’s activities and affiliations, as well as playing a minor role on the technology/website committee. It was great getting to know the other executive members and it was very convenient for me to be able to attend meetings via Zoom, as my personal schedule already had me making numerous trips a week into Vancouver which all required face to face attendance.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed articles for our newsletters this past year. Please continue to send articles to

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one week after the General Meeting, Thursday, October 26, 2023.

Some highlights of the new website:


Last year we had 50+ grade 12 students apply for our $1000 scholarships. Applications had to be sent by mail. Starting this year, students applied directly online on the website. There was over 80 scholarship applications.


As well, new members to the BCRPVPA also have been applying online. There are currently a number of applications received so far.

Please encourage your Principal & Vice-Principal friends who are retiring this year, to consider joining the BC Retired Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association.