The Election of the 2023-2024 Members of the Executive:

BCRPVPA Members are invited to join the Executive for the upcoming fiscal year. The Executive works cooperatively in establishing scholarships; newsletters; Member updates; Affinity, Benefits & Pensions; technology (website) updates; General Meeting minutes; Financials; to name a few.

BCRPVPA Members who would like more information about joining the Executive are invited to contact our email address

Elections will be conducted at the May 17th AGM, according to the BCRPVPA format as indicated on the website, under the caption CONSTITUTION, Article 9.


(as per the BCRPVPA Constitution)

  • 9.1) Officers of this Association shall be the President, the Past President, Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.
    • 9.2) The Executive Committee of the Association shall consist of the President, Past President, V-P, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 to 9 Members-at-Large.

  • 9.3) Unless elected by acclamation, the members of the Executive Committee of the Association shall be elected by secret ballot at an Annual

General Meeting with nominations being accepted from the floor.

  • 9.4) If for any reason a vacancy occurs in the membership of the Executive Committee,

the President, acting on the advice of the remaining members of the Executive

Committee, may appoint a Member to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.

MEMBERS-at-LARGE shall: (as per the Constitution & revised 2021 Bylaws)

The Members-at-Large shall:

serve and assume various responsibilities within the Communications Committee and/or the Member Services Committee to assist the executive committee.

Areas of responsibility of the Communications Committee include Technology, Website, Newsletter, Yammer, Mail-outs, Mentorship, and Surveys.

Areas of responsibility of the Members Services Committee include Membership, Sunshine, Speakers, Affinity. Scholarship, and Pensions. Each area of responsibility will have several Members-at-Large serving it and the lead individual will change yearly to promote knowledge of the Association and succession.