Chapter Council Report, Feb 10th & 11th, 2023

The main focus of this CC Meeting was on what is being carried out at the Ministry of Education level and at the school level to combat anti-racism in the school system.

There was a very well-prepared session about the Métis Nation presented by two educators from the Métis Nation.

Each person present was a recipient of a book about the Métis.

There was also information of participation in the FINESC Conference (First Nations Education Steering Committee).

There were also reports in the area of anti-racism from the Minister of Education & Child Care (Hon, Racha Singh), from the Assistant Deputy Minister, System Liaison and Supports Division (Jennifer McCrea MOE), from the Director of Workplace Development (Linda Beddouche, MOE), and from the Senior Manager, Strategic Talent Acquisition (Andrew Jang BCPSEA).

It was pointed out that each School District is asked to include a section on anti-racism on its website.

It is worthy of note that Brian Leonard, the President of the BCPVPA addressed the CC on an ongoing basis and that Mike Roberts is currently acting as Executive Director of the BCPVPA.

Submitted, Christine (Johnson), President BCRPVPA