Chronicles & Capers – ISSUE 89

Chronicles & Capers

Issue 89

In this issue:

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  • President’s Letter
  • BCPVPA Chapter Council
  • Executive Succession
  • Six Word Biographies
  • Johnson’s Scholarship Program
  • Tax Tips Year 2021
  • Keeping Our Teaching Certificate
  • BCRPVPA Speakers’ Series
  • Knowing BCRPVPA Members
  • January 2022 Presentation
  • Staying Physically Active
  • Annual Membership $20
  • Grounded By Granite A Memoir
  • AGM Wednesday, May 11

Meetings Agenda


WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2022, 9:45 (AM)

1) BCPVPA Boardroom, 525 W. 10th Ave.
2) Broadway Canada Line Exit
3) Zoom link forthcoming

Six Word Biographies

Missing family gatherings, smiles, and hugs-Catherine Paton (draw winner) I hate golf! I love golf!-Bob Holman Too much Zoom. Photography


Annual Membership $20

We’ve Got You Covered – Your annual membership fee of $20 is automatically deducted by the Pension Corporation each year.



President: Christine Johnson
Vice President: Celina Mau
Past President: Ted St. Pierre
Treasurer: Lanny Young
Secretary: Eileen Phillips (Minute Taking)
Benefits/Affinity/Pension: Marsha Arnold
Communications + Newsletter Editor: Celina Mau & Ted St. Pierre
Membership + Sunshine: Celina Mau
Newsletter mail out: Eileen Phillips
Scholarships: Jeff Larcombe, Allan Buggie, Christine Johnson, & Paul Taylor
Speakers: Eileen Phillips
Technology & Website: Ted St. Pierre
Other Members-At-Large: Deborah Luporini (Co-Membership) and Elaine McVie (Special Project on Supporting Members)
June 2022 Newsletter Editor: Ted St. Pierre

Upcoming General Meeting:

Latest news

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