Chronicles & Capers – ISSUE 89

Chronicles & Capers

Issue 89

In this issue:

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  • President’s Letter
  • BCPVPA Chapter Council
  • Executive Succession
  • Six Word Biographies
  • Johnson’s Scholarship Program
  • Tax Tips Year 2021
  • Keeping Our Teaching Certificate
  • BCRPVPA Speakers’ Series
  • Knowing BCRPVPA Members
  • January 2022 Presentation
  • Staying Physically Active
  • Annual Membership $20
  • Grounded By Granite A Memoir
  • AGM Wednesday, May 11

Meetings Agenda


WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2022, 9:45 (AM)

1) BCPVPA Boardroom, 525 W. 10th Ave.
2) Broadway Canada Line Exit
3) Zoom link forthcoming

Contact Information Issue 92

Please continue to update changes in email and mailing addresses by conta info@bcrpvpa.ca Upcoming General Meeting: Wednesday, March 19, 2023, 10…

BCRPVPA Group Trips

Invite your family and friends to join us on our adventures! Egypt November 3rd-17th 2023, with an optional 4 day…

BCRTA Pensions and Benefits Committee

On November 23, Parliament voted unanimously to support Bill C-228. This legislation will protect millions of Canadian seniors and their…

What Retirement Means Today

Sixty-Five: What retirement means todayExamining the opportunities and challenges of life in retirementThe concept of retirement is changing before our…

We’ve Got You Covered

– After the first year, your annual membership fee of $20 is automatically deducted by the Pension Corporation each year.…

Get to Know Our Amazing BCRPVPA Members

Spotlight on Yolande MartinelloYolande Martinello a proud North Vancouver educator was born in the Netherlands, raised in Cambridge Ontario, and…

You Can Change a Girl’s Life

The Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES) is a Canadian NGO with headquarters in Surrey. The Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES)…

Our January 2023 General Meeting Guest peakers Reported by Marsha Arnold

Lisa Hanson and Marc Costales from Johnson Insurance spent time discussing the various membership options related to home, extended health,…

BCRPVPA Student Scholarships – Applications are Open

The B.C. Retired Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association have a scholarship opportunity for students with an approaching deadline of March 31st.At…


Newsletter editor: it’s a lot of fun being Editor of our newsletter.  Hey, I’m honest.   Please continue to send articles…

Letter from The President, Christine Johnson

President’s Letter, January 2023 Hello everyone and welcome to another year!Let’s look forward to a year filled with promise and…

Contact Information Issue 91

Please continue to update changes in email and mailing addresses by conta info@bcrpvpa.ca Upcoming General Meeting: Thursday, January 19, 2023, 10…

BCRPVPA River Cruise Blog from Amsterdam to Budapest

Just over year ago I read an article in this very newsletter about a potential river cruise through Europe.  Like…

Congratulations To Our Photo Contest winners

A Tuscan sunset in Buonconvento, Italy taken by Yolande MartinelloOther winners also include Ross Davidson, Gerald Soon, Eileen Phillips and…

BCRPVPA Website Update

Please refer to our website BCRPVPA.ca for information on Membership;  Affinity, Benefits, & Pensions;  Scholarships;  Minutes of past AGM &…

Transitioning Into the Next Life Chapter

humanworks is pleased to offer the Early Intervention Program (EIP) at an affordable rate to our BCRPVPA members. The EIP…

Guest Speaker Jack McNeill

Jack McNeill from humanworks was our guest speaker at the General Meeting October 12th. Jack had met with us via…

President’s Letter

Letter from The President, Christine Johnson Hello Everyone, Want to change your identity and carry out things that you wouldn’t…

Contact Information Issue 89

Please continue to update changes in email and mailing addresses by conta info@bcrpvpa.ca Upcoming Annual General Meeting: Wednesday, May 11…

Patti Shales Lefko’s Next Book!

Grounded by Granite A Memoir Grounded by Granite’ is a coming-of-age tale of family connection and personal resilience framed by summers on a remote…


President: Christine Johnson
Vice President: Celina Mau
Past President: Ted St. Pierre
Treasurer: Lanny Young
Secretary: Eileen Phillips (Minute Taking)
Benefits/Affinity/Pension: Marsha Arnold
Communications + Newsletter Editor: Celina Mau & Ted St. Pierre
Membership + Sunshine: Celina Mau
Newsletter mail out: Eileen Phillips
Scholarships: Jeff Larcombe, Allan Buggie, Christine Johnson, & Paul Taylor
Speakers: Eileen Phillips
Technology & Website: Ted St. Pierre
Other Members-At-Large: Deborah Luporini (Co-Membership) and Elaine McVie (Special Project on Supporting Members)
June 2022 Newsletter Editor: Ted St. Pierre

Upcoming General Meeting:

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March News

No need to beware the Ides of March when you’re on Spring Break! I recall being a High School Principal…

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