Extended Health, Dental and Travel Insurance options

How does it work?

BCRPVPA members often ask questions about Extended Health Care, dental and travel insurance.

As TPP retirees, both BCRPVPA and BCRTA members have choices other than the TPP’s Green Shield insurance coverage. Check Members’ Advantage Program from our partners BCRTA here

BCRTA has partnered with Johnson Insurance to better meet the needs of retirees and they continue to explore ways to improve these important services.

As BCRPVPA members we can join BCRTA to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and the first year is free! Join BCRTA by clicking here.

You are able to move between plans as many times as you wish as long as you have had continuous coverage for one year each time.  You can even have separate health, dental and travel insurance with different companies. 

Visit to learn more.

To compare Insurance plan options click below:

  • Health Care Comparison here
  • Travel Plan Comparison here
Best Friend Advice

BCRTA and BCRPVPA have continued to work with Johnson’s over the years because of their amazing service. They will help you compare the plans to make the best decision for your family even if it means staying with your current provider.

Get a confidential insurance assessment, and see which plans work best for you!

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January 23, 2023

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