President’s Letter

Letter from The President, Christine Johnson

Hello Everyone,

Want to change your identity and carry out things that you wouldn’t normally do?
Dressing up in costume is a good way of being a different person.
Past Halloweens are likely foremost in your minds. Why wait for October 31st?

We used to hold special days in High School for dressing up, like Twin Day and Career Day. The VP and I went one day as Sisters (nuns) and another as a Scottish Hazmat team, complete with spray bottles, holding water.

I recall a day playing basketball against a team of Fire Fighters. Our victory was in no small part due to the giant sunglasses which I wore and which withdrew any inhibitions.

When he was younger, one of my Grandsons used to like to go out dressed as Spiderman. When I accompanied him dressed up as Batman, he thought I was really cool.

My Mother used to put into context the idea of other peoples’ opinion, by asking if other people paid our mortgage?

Dressing up and reading are both “escape mechanisms” that we use.

Joining our Executive is another. Many of our tasks can be done via Zoom and/or telephone. Please join us! Mail your interest to participate to


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing” – George Bernard Shaw