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A wide range of volunteer opportunities are available with the Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association, both at VanDusen Botanical Garden and Bloedel Conservatory. Each year, approximately 850 volunteers

contribute their time and talents in education, visitor experience, governance, administration, fundraising and special events. Volunteers are pivotal to enhancing visitors’ learning and engagement experience

and contributing to our mandate to connect people to plants and help them understand their role in Earth’s ecosystems.

The mission of VanDusen Botanical Garden and Bloedel Conservatory is to engage people of all ages and walks of life in the importance of biodiversity to our lives, and to foster a lifelong love of plants and

gardens by virtue of their participation in our programs and services. We’re excited that you are interested in volunteering to be a part of this mission.

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The B.C. Mountaineering Club – needs volunteers!

The BCMC is a group of like-minded individuals who participate in outdoor activities. The club was established in 1907 and in September 2019 reached a new milestone of 1,300+ active member accounts.

The club organizes mountaineering, rock climbing and back country skiing trips throughout the year. The BCMC holds monthly socials, offers courses to members and represents the interests of mountaineers and back country skiers in British Columbia. BC Mountaineering Club (

The B.C. Mountaineering Club is maintained and improved by the generous and very much appreciated volunteer help provided by many of our members… both new and older member. The amount of time ranges anywhere from a couple of hours each week (on average) to a only few

hours per month… at all helps toward maintaining and improving our club. Please consider giving back to the outdoor community by donating some of your free time to helping our club improve and grow in areas that interest you.

Please contact us and to let us know which volunteer area would interest you, such as helping with trail work or editing our monthly newsletters… thank you!

Shelter Movers -Volunteers Needed!

Shelter Movers is a national charitable organization that provides free moving and storage services to survivors fleeing abusive households. We collaborate with local businesses and community agencies such as women’s shelters and the police to help

women transition to a life free of violence. Our trained volunteers transport survivors’ belongings as well as take the survivors and their children to a safe transition house, and later help them move their belongings to their new home. All of this is done

at no cost to the survivors and on their own terms. Shelter Movers is the only service of its kind in Canada. We offer a practical solution that removes the cost, security threat, and logistical burden for survivors who would like to leave their abusers.

To date, we have helped 635 families in Vancouver escape violence. COVID has increased the demand for our services, and we are in dire need of more volunteers. Please let me know if you would be interested in supporting survivors in any capacity:

moving, driving, intake, move coordination, volunteer management, marketing, fundraising, etc.

Click here to learn more:

If interested in volunteering email:

Or contact 1855 203-6252 ext 3 to refer a client.

Warm regards,

Ida Wang (she/her) Chapter Director – Shelter Movers Vancouver |

Charity #776372492RR0001

YVR Airport Volunteers

Volunteers at YVR do not receive a salary; however, there are many benefits to being a Green Coat. Green Coats enjoy working with other volunteers with similar interests; they receive the satisfaction of helping others;

and are recognized through our volunteer events. Green Coats also receive complimentary parking for the days that they are working at YVR. Our renowned Green Coat Volunteer Program is an integral part of our airport experience for travelers.

Information and Assistance | YVR

Vivan Rygnestad writes, “I’ve been a Greencoat volunteer at YVR for about 8 years and love it! There are many retired principals/vice principals volunteering as Greencoats. It’s interesting to meet/help so many people from around the world, great camaraderie amongst fellow Greencoats, and the airport is very good to us.”

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