Special Bulletin February 2022

Please find the following opportunities and information that may be of interest:

  1. Wednesday, Feb 23rd is Pink Shirt Day! That’s today! Remember to wear Pink to
    show your commitment to kindness, inclusion, and Lifting Each Other Up.
    Your support helps fund self-esteem building and bullying prevention programs across BC.
  2. Six Word Biography: Your biography in 6 words or less about your life over the past two years. Random Prize Draw! Send to info@bcrpvpa.ca by March 31st. Enter as often as you wish, and we’ll
    share some with members. E.g.: “the long seasons of our discontent “or ” in a leaky boat, baling together! “
  3. Reminder: TPP Communication Survey recently sent to retired members. We are often not informed about the choices we have for extended health insurance when completing the TPP retirement form nor the many concerns regarding Green Shield. Before responding consider the information found in this survey Extended Health Care Insurance Satisfaction Survey • BCRTA
  4. BCRTA streaming video on current Travel Info, Endless Savings App, Travel Insurance and Sleep and your health. Fast forward through the video to what interests you as BCRPVPA members have the same benefits! https://bcrta.ca/valentine
  5. FRESHPREP gets BCRPVPA members two meals free! This is a BC based meal kit delivery service
    which is now expanding into Alberta. www.freshprep.ca/bdbcrpvpa
  6. Perkopolis Savings on: travel, technology, shopping, tickets, flowers, food kits, clothing, spas, health products, books, etc. Get your savings code at info@bcrpvpa.ca Check out: https://www.perkopolis.com
  7. Collette travel provides a hassle-free way to see the world while fulfilling the singular dreams of
    members. From Classic tours to small group Exploration tours, and one stop Spotlight tours.
    Yammer : BCRPVPA Members : Travel : All Conversations for the great member savings info.
    See trips at www.gocollette.com
  8. ‘Your Money’ by columnist Christine Ibbotson Secrets to a happy retirement | Vancouver Sun
  9. YAMMER Stay up to date on what’s happening. Find out about insurance, health and wellness news, travel, gardening, online courses, volunteering, what’s happening around town and more.
    Join our secure BCRPVPA Yammer discussion forum by emailing info@bcrpvpa.ca
  10. A Murmuration of Starlings This amazing video is sure to lift your spirits!

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