Exciting Plan Updates for 2023!

We’re thrilled to announce some fantastic updates to our Extended Health Care, Dental Plans, and Travel Insurance, effective September 1, 2023. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

Extended Health Care Plan Highlights:

  • New Insurer: We’ve switched from Desjardins to Manulife, ensuring even better coverage and service.

Extended Health Care Plan Additions:

  • Registered Shiatsu Therapists (RST): Now included under Paramedical Services.
  • Lens Implant After Eye Surgery: Enjoy a $200 maximum benefit every 2 calendar years for coverage of intraocular lens after ANY type of surgery.
  • Glucose Monitoring System: You’re covered with a $300 maximum every 3 calendar years for one Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) receiver or Flash Glucose Reader, along with an extra $300 maximum per calendar year for insulin pump supplies.
  • Accessibility Enhancements: New benefits for grab bars and/or bathtub rails (up to 2 per lifetime with a maximum of $200) and raised toilet seats and transfer benches (up to 1 per lifetime with a maximum of $200).

Prestige Travel Plan & MEDOC Travel Insurance:

  • Increased Coverage: Our Emergency Medical Travel Insurance now provides an impressive $10,000,000 per insured person, per trip, doubling the previous coverage of $5,000,000 per insured person, per policy year.

These enhancements ensure you receive the best support and coverage when you need it most. Stay tuned for more detailed information on these exciting updates!

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