by Eileen Phillips

It has been a pleasure to serve as your president for the past year, indeed for the past 2 years. We have such a team-oriented executive that the work of the president is well-supported and often shared. If you go to the website, you will see reports given by executive members to the AGM. This report is also included there, with some minor changes. Following is a summative report of the 2017 – 2018 year. 


  • We started with  712 members at our October 2017 meeting and grew to 725 just prior to the May meeting. We are staying ahead of attrition.
  • Attendance at General Meetings: 22 attendees @ March, 2018; 24 attendees @ January, 2018; 25 attendees @ October, 2017; 20 attendees @ May AGM, 2017.
  • Gifts to Members 1 bottle of wine – name drawn at each meeting; 2 Chapter’s gift cards at each meeting – random number generator. Everyone loves a good surprise.
  • Many of our members, due to travel costs and distance, health, and other commitments cannot attend our meetings and they appreciate all the ways we try to include them.

Budget: The diminished cost of printing and posting newsletters has allowed us to fund more scholarships and technological improvements that better meet the needs of most of our members. For next year we are presenting a balanced budget.

Scholarships: We awarded 4 scholarships of $1000 each to BC students attending accredited post-secondary institutions in BC and look forward next year to awarding up to 5 scholarships of $1000 each to students attending accredited post-secondary institutions in Canada. These are offered to all students who completed secondary school in BC either in June or in the previous June – allowances are made for those taking a gap year.

Book Sale: The sale held at BCPVPA Short Course in July 2017 raised about $700. Another sale is planned for July 5, 2018. This is a service to our members and to recently appointed administrators. Retired members can be assured that their treasured leadership and education books are going to appreciative recipients. And, our scholarship fund is also benefitting. It is not too late to drop book donations off at the BCPVPA offices. Donations are accepted during May and June. 

Speakers and Programs: This year we have been able to film our presentations and offer all or part of them to our members. In October Gerry Tiede spoke to us about Bill C-27; in January we heard from Ryan McElroy of Travel Agency Tribes speaking about our new affinity partnership with them; in March Lisa Hansen and Mark presented a talk about our Health and Travel insurance programs and options; and in May, at the AGM, we have Dennis Ducklow doing a workshop on Travel Photography. Informal presentations at many of our meetings have been given by Laurie Martin on the various cheeses she has brought for our snacks.

Affinity: We have maintained Perkopolis, Rental Cars, New Car Purchasing, Johnson Insurance Plans, and added Travel Tribes and CPEAC Cellular Program.

Pensions: – as reported, we have a healthy pension plan and are most grateful for the work done by others to ensure this continues.

Communication and Technology: The number of members signing up for Yammer has increased – this is by invitation and we hope to increase our use of Yammer as our main informal communications tool. Newsletter articles are uploaded as they are submitted and compiled into Newsletter format following each General Meeting: Newsletters are mailed to each of our members and are also available on our website. They are still mailed-out to 44 members who cannot easily access them using on-line platforms; our website is constantly changing – volunteer opportunities are posted, articles are posted, and, because we now have filming equipment, videos are posted from our meetings. 

Liaison with BCPVPA:  The president and vice-president are welcomed observers at Chapter Council meetings in November, February and May; the BCPVPA weekly news bulletin announces our scholarships and the book sale; the Pilot Mentorship project has had a successful first year – all applicants were matched with our members and each partnership has grown close and has learned much from each other. I have learned that the mentorship program has been extended for next year. Please consider applying to be a mentor. Your experience is valued by the mentees, many of whom are in rural districts unable to provide mentorship to their newest administrators.  Application forms are available on our website 

I offer my thanks to the executive and general membership: I have appreciated working with those who chose to serve and put their name forward for election. This year, as in the past, the executive has worked as a team. Members fill in for each other when needed. We share the load and share in the FUN of keeping the BCRPVPA a growing and vital association. I also offer my thanks to the general membership for the encouraging and supportive comments that I have received. This is a great association and I am a better leader now because of my experience as president. Learning is forever and I urge any of you with the time, interest and the energy to get involved in our association.