Eileen Phillips

Many of our members are currently moving from their homes, sheltering people, or worried about friends and family who are being affected by the wildfires burning throughout British Columbia. I spoke with a friend who lives close to 100 Mile and he told me tales of being on the road, with his dog and cat, wondering where to go and what to do next. Fortunately, our province seems prepared for emergencies and he soon found help – food, shelter, and attitudes of hopefulness that inspired him to face whatever is to come.

Kevin Reimer and his Mentorship Advisory Board have been working very hard to put together a package outlining the proposed Mentorship program including its purpose, expectations, application forms, and important dates. These materials will be ready soon and will be available on our website. Please keep checking if you are interested in being a mentor. I know our members have a lot to offer. And, of course, giving of one’s self also provides pleasure and learning. We see mentorship as an opportunity for both mentor and mentee to benefit mutually.

This is the final newsletter of the 2016-2017 year and I would like to show my appreciation for the executive who have worked alongside me this year. Ted, vice-president, has accompanied me to Chapter Council, been a member of the scholarship committee, mentored Lanny into the treasurer’s role, and been a helpful sounding board; Lanny, social and treasurer, has provided delicious and varied refreshments for our meetings as well as learned the ropes of being treasurer; Vivian, past president, has offered friendship, solid advice, and guidance; Graham, communications, has worked tirelessly to provide our members with an excellent newsletter, notices of meetings, and has been the guiding force for our new website; Gerald, pensions, has provided us with up-to-date news about our pensions and benefits as well as working alongside Roy in developing our affinity partnerships; Christine and Jeff, scholarship committee, have provided us with the names of scholarship recipients after reading through the applications and making the difficult final selection; Leanna, membership, has sleuthed out all of our members for whom we did not have accurate contact information; and Linda, secretary, has capably taken minutes at meetings and helped with the mail out of newsletters. Also, thanks to the BCPVPA staff who do so much for us and whose space we share for most of our meetings. Their helpfulness and support is generously given and much appreciated. And, finally, thanks to the members who have written articles for the newsletter over the year and to those who have taken the time to write about concerns as well as to share good news.

Some news about the 2017-2018 executive: both Linda Meier and Roy Sakata will be leaving the executive due to other pressing demands. We welcome Gerry Tiede, Celina Mau and Allan Buggie who were elected as Members-at-Large at the AGM on May 3. Gerry is also an active executive member of the RTA and he will share a position with Gerald Soon.

I hope summer has been kind to you. We look forward to stories, with photos, of your travels and adventures. Also, we enjoy hearing about conferences and workshops attended, and any other self-development or hobby opportunities you have participated in.  Please send your articles to Graham for the newsletter. And, visit our website for the dates of our 2017 – 2018 meetings. Why not plan one of your trips to Vancouver to include attending a General Meeting? We love to meet our members in person as well as through their written offerings.