The BC Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association Mentorship Program

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The BCPVPA is initiating a provincial pilot mentorship program for the 2017-2018 school year, recognizing the unique work and challenges encountered by new school-based principals and vice-principals throughout British Columbia.  Initially this pilot aims to cultivate a network of support and collaborative partnerships engaging retired principals and vice-principals as mentors.  The pilot project will include up to 40 mentoring partnerships, which will inform the longer-range development and sustainability of this provincial initiative respecting the need for place-based responsive design.

Guiding aims of the BCPVPA Mentorship Pilot Program

  • Build principals and vice-principals confidence and self-efficacy by:

    •  Ensuring fundamental processes and procedures related to administrative responsibilities are understood and enacted
    • Developing capacity with the knowledge, skills and attitudes outlined in the BCPVPA Leadership Standards
    • Developing a framework for reflection and decision-making
    • Strengthening judgement and artistry in implementation of principals’ and vice-principals’ work
  • Maintain and enhance principals and vice-principals sense of well-being by:

    • Developing a network and connections which create safety and the opportunity for risk-taking
    • Creating a network of support for new principals and vice-principals, particularly in more remote and isolated areas of the province
    • considering personal health and care
    • maintaining perspective on tensions and struggles
    • supporting each person’s path of actualization
  • Foster and value continuous learning for all by:

    •  Participating and engaging fully in the mentorship process
    • Articulating professional vision and purpose and seeking and receiving feedback
    • Respecting existing strengths and skills and identifying areas for continuous growth

Downloadable Applications

Mentoring Explained
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Guiding Principles of the BCPVPA Mentorship Pilot Program

  1. Open to principals and vice-principals new to their role or having experienced a significant change of role.
  2. Voluntary: participation is encouraged but never mandated or required
  3. Non-judgmental: the focus is on learning and growth and mentors act as agents of development
  4. Needs based:  mentees are consulted on their needs, interests and choice of mentors
  5. Learner driven: develops opportunities for growth for both mentors and mentees, recognizes learning is reciprocal and mutually beneficial to all participants
  6. Trust-based: mentoring relationships respect the importance of vulnerability and the need for confidentiality
  7. Relational: respects the need and importance of relationship building within a leadership context
  8. Flexible:  offers diverse opportunities for ways participants can meet and interact/communicate (for example in meeting place and technology use)

Implementation Framework of BCPVPA Mentorship Pilot Program

  • Roles and expectations of participants (mentors and new principals, vice-principals):

    • Mentors will be required to be members of the retired Principals’ Association
    • Participants will commit to participation for a full year
    • Small honorarium of $300 will be provided for mentors
    • Participants will commit 2-4 hours month minimum, with weekly contact if possible
  • Planning, communication and assignment of partnerships:

    • Completed applications should be emailed to Kevin Reimer at the BCPVPA (
    • Deadline extended to October 20
    • Assignment of partnerships will be determined by the Mentorship Advisory Team in October
  • Facilitating quality mentorship interactions:

    • Participants will engage with mentorship through both face-to-face and video-conferencing technologies
    • Participants will co-create how the mentorship communication will take place informally (for immediate response) and for more formal planning (growth focus)
    • A webinar will be held for all interested participants Nov.1 at 4 pm welcoming them to the program and establishing the initial mentorship processes
    • Mentor training will be provided at the BCPVPA office over 2 days (November 9/10) and one day in May to bring closure and gather program feedback.