March General Meeting Presentation
Lisa Hansen and Mark Costales – Johnson Inc

Report by Gerald Soon

The BCRPVA was pleased to have Lisa Hansen, Senior Consultant, Group Benefits and Mark Costales, Consultant, Group Benefits from Johnson, Inc. Insurance providers as guest speakers at our March 13, 2018 General Meeting.

BCRPVPA members who have experienced problems with the Pacific Blue Cross / Green Shield change would be very interested in their presentation.

Members may already be clients of Johnson Inc. if they are purchasing MEDOC travel insurance as the Green Shield extended health and dental insurance plans offered through the Teacher Pension Plan does not include a provision for travel insurance.
The Prestige Extended Health & Travel Plan is an alternative for members who are travellers and currently enrolled in the Green Shield Extended Health Care plan and purchasing travel insurance separately. This plan is a combined plan and includes coverage for in province as well as medical travel coverage and trip cancellation insurance.
Here is a link to the Prestige Extended Health & Travel Plan that members are eligible to purchase:

Key features of the Prestige plan:

There is no Health Option Questionnaire to complete for members who sign up and are moving their coverage over to this plan from a group plan (Green Shield plan).

There is no stability clause under this plan. It covers sudden and unforeseen medical emergencies.

Included in this Extended Health Care Plan is a 62 day travel plan which provides coverage for an unlimited number of trips in the policy year up to 62 days at a time (additional days of coverage can be purchased for longer trips).

An important note: If a BCRPVPA member and his/her partner or spouse enrols in the new Prestige plan and the member passes away the surviving spouse can continue to be covered under this plan provided they join our association as an associate member.
There is no waiting period. The coverage becomes effective on the same day Johnson Inc. receives a completed application and is physically present within BC when they receive the application. We encourage you to contact Johnson if you need assistance with signing up for any of the plans available to you.

As you can see in the link above, if a member chose not to enrol in the dental plan offered at retirement or perhaps when they retired, selected the enhanced coverage option and is not able to downgrade to the basic plan, there now is an alternative! Members can enrol in the Prestige dental plan at any time.

Members who attended the general meeting appreciated the informative talk and discussion, and in particular acquiring a better understanding of the differences in plans being offered.

You can compare the existing Green Shield coverage to the Prestige plan offering by clicking on this link: BCRTA Member Benefit Plan Comparison – September 2015.pdf

Are you still unsure? After the meeting, Lisa Hansen sent the association a link that may help you. Travel Insurance Checklist Model CMX 09 2014.pdf.

The BCRPVPA appreciates the services of Johnson Inc, and the willingness of Lisa and Mark to be available to us. Both Lisa and Mark are available to you and can answer any questions you may have. They also encourage members to book an appointment at their office if they are more comfortable having their questions answered in person.

Telephone: 604.881.8840
Toll free: 1.866.799.0000 (Administration)
Fax: 604.881.8828

For general information about services Johnson, Inc. provides, plus a current opportunity to get a free home or travel insurance quote and a chance to win a BMW, click on:

For a video link to the presentation, click :