Create Better Travel Photos

A presentation for the BCRPVPA May 3, 2018

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

  1. Plan ahead with a shot list
    Resource: My Shot Lists for Travel, available at App Store (IOS only, free)
  2. Include the human element in your scenes.
Allow others to travel vicariously.
  3. Be a Reader of the Light
    Light is harsh or soft, warm or cool. Avoid harsh light.
  4. Think in themes
    Focus your attention and narrow the field with a theme. Because you can’t get it all.
  5. Watch your backgrounds
    The background should always support your subject.
  6. Be a People Person
    a. Catch the locals in actionb. Engage with the locals
  7. Include details
  8. Always have your camera, always have it ready.

Dennis Ducklow