Click on the image above to go to the unlisted YouTube video.

Gerry Tiede presented an information session on Bill C-27 at the October 24 General Meeting. The session was well-attended but not all members could make it to Vancouver to hear this important up-date. BCRPVPA recorded the session and are making it available to all members on YouTube. Just click on the image above to open the video in a new tab. The video is about 46 minutes and concludes with an appeal to members to contact your Member of Parliament to express your concern.


You can download the handouts that were provided at the meeting by clicking on each one, below:

   ep Bill C-27 Campaign.                Bill C-27 Backgrounder (3)

Members can comment on this Campaign by going to Yammer and joining the Pensions Group. If you are not yet using Yammer you can request your ‘invitation’ to join by sending us an email at