Rick Ashe is a Past President of BCRPVPA

Colleagues and Friends,

October 2014 sadly, my sister in law was diagnosed in the late stage of lung cancer. It was stage 4 so very shocking for this healthy person who had never smoked. Thus began her personal journey of acceptance and will to fight simultaneously. Cynthia is now statistically considered a survivor of lung cancer as most people affected by this cancer do not survive to begin year 5. The statistic is less than 5 percent. She continues to practice as an MD as long as she is able to. Her faith is strong.

As Cynthia deals with this through multiple treatments and targeted drug therapy she has a wish that others do not have to go through this. Thus she has focused on raising funds for research alongside the BC Cancer Foundation specifically aimed at lung cancer with a matching donor fund by William and John McCarthy  up to 1.5 million dollars.

The time is limited and the window is October 31st of this year.

My wife and I have been monthly donors to the Canadian Cancer Society for over 10 years to help others and little did we know how close to home this cause would become. As I am sure many others have experienced.

Please see the attached documentation and if you can find a way to donate it would be greatly appreciated and heartfelt.


Rick Ashe

Cynthia-Letter English

Cancer Prevention Research- Matching Campaign , English version