Join the Conversation on Yammer

//Join the Conversation on Yammer

Join the Conversation on Yammer

In the last Newsletter we told you about the closed Network that BCRPVPA members are using to discuss a variety of issues. We are now up to 99 members on Yammer and some of the discussions are very active and valuable to our members.

Gerald Soon has written a piece called A COMPARISON OF MEDICAL PLANS FOR RETIRED TEACHERS. We have cross-posted this on the Insurance Issues Group and in the All Network to make it easy to locate.

The Pensions Group is another area where some good discussions have taken place. And there is always interest in the Travel Group.

The Volunteer / Job Opportunities Group has a growing number of posts. Whenever a new Volunteer or Job Opportunity comes our way it is posted on Yammer first. This is generally true for other items of interest to our members.

We don’t always have to be serious either. How about a Group called Good Coffee Spots around BC? When I drive up to Prince George to visit my brother I like to stop for coffee and a bite along the route. Do you have a suggestion for me?

When you join a Group, like the ones mentioned above, you will receive an email notice whenever a new posting is made. This feature can be turned off, but if the topic is one you are really interested in, leaving the feed on is useful.

Groups are an important feature on Yammer. They allow members to share and contribute directly to the association (BCRPVPA) and grow our knowledge of issues important to us. You can also create your own Group on Yammer for targeted discussion of whatever interests you. Groups can be Open to all members or Closed with membership controlled by the owner of the group. This feature has great potential. You can see all the Groups on the  BCRPVPA Yammer Network and decide for yourself which ones to join.

The All Network is for everybody and is always open and on. If you have an item to post it is better to be specific to a particular group rather than putting everything into the All Network. That way you and others can more easily find the information again. Another helpful method for finding previous posts is to use the Search feature. This works best if you keep your post in the appropriate Group and even better if you Tag the post with a logical tag name (in Yammer tags are called Topics and can be added by clicking on the three dots (…) which opens a drop-down menu that includes ‘Topic’.

You will receive an invitation to join Yammer with the Newsletter email blast.

Come and Join the Conversation on Yammer

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