Excerpts from Jeff Larcomb’s Blog “Our Aussie Adventures”

//Excerpts from Jeff Larcomb’s Blog “Our Aussie Adventures”

Our Aussie Adventures

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A Message to All Our Wonderful Friends and Relatives: (March 31)

We have now finished our “touring” of several wonderful parts of Australiaand the rest of our time in Australia will be devoted to visiting with many of our friends and relatives here in Australia.

We hope you have enjoyed all the photos we have posted, and the commentaries we have made. We will not be posting any further photos or messages to our blog for the rest of our time in Australia.

We look forward to meeting all the Aussies in the near future, and look forward to meeting everyone again back in Canada!

Ta ta for now!

Our Aussie Adventures  (March 31)

Now I can check off one more from my bucket listas today we left Adelaide and flew 1500 km north to Alice Springsin the centre of Australia. We are pleasantly surprised by the greenery around here, and am also surprised  by all the trees growing here. We were told though that we are here after quite a bit of rain, so the countryside is much more lush than in a normal season.

After our arrival we were picked up by bus and taken to the downtown to have lunch. We were in the downtown “mall” which is not quite what we usually think of as a mall.

We bypassed the “Lone Dingo” and ate at the cafe next door.

We ate at the Red Dog Cafe.

After lunch we went to visit the School of the Air.

The School of the Air began back around 1951 and catered to students in the Outback as far away as 2000 km. It was at that time done by radio and mailing out packages of school learning materials and then having them mailed back. Today it is done by excellent internet teachingand we watched one of the teachers interacting with one of the students hundreds of kilometers away. The blue radio console in picture above was last used by Queen Elizabeth II when she visited here some years ago.

The bus took a trip then up Anzac Hill where there is a Memorial to all the Aussie and New Zealalnd soldiers who died in the First World War. These signs were placed along the roadway on the way up the hill.

Looking out over Alice Springs in one direction.

Another shot of downtown Alice Springs. The brown building — top left corner — is the hospital which is new and very well equipped to handle almost anything. Some patients though are transported by air to Adelaide if further treatment is required.

Note in the background how the two mountains (hills) come toward each other and there is a “gap” in between. This is a very sacred area for the native aboriginals and until fairly recently no female aboriginal was allowed to travel between the two mountains. Instead they were obliged to walk over 20 km around one of the hills to meet up on the other side. This is no longer the case now!! In an hour we are meeting a group of aboriginal girls at the hotel for about 45 minutes and then we are going into the “outback” for a “fair dinkum” Aussie barbecue (barbie!) in the outback. More later.

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