Welcome to the BC Retired Principals' & Vice-Principals' Association site. The year 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of our association during which we've grown from 14 to over 700 members. Our members are retired principals and vice-principals from B.C.'s public schools. The annual fee of $20.00 is deducted from your pension every July.

The purposes of the BCRPVPA are:

  • To maintain an active affiliation with the B.C. Principals' and Vice-Principals' Association
  • To promote the interests and the welfare of its members
  • To communicate with members regarding issues of common interest and the activities of the Association
  • To encourage and foster liaison among Association members and Principals and Vice-Principals




Given that many of our members travel and live throughout the world we post all our communications on-line, however we do offer paper copies of our newsletters to members without internet access. We offer a variety of benefits including a choice of Extended Health/Travel plans, savings on buying vehicles, travel, and more.

We invite you to join the BCRPVPA community - a community of diverse interests and shared experiences.


Contact us at: bcrpvpa@gmail.com